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Timing Belt Replacement in Boise

Boise’s Best Choice for Timing Belt Replacement

Your car’s timing belt is essential for optimal engine performance. It connects the engine crankshaft with the camshaft so the two stay in perfect time with each other. If your engine is even slightly out of time, due to a worn timing belt, it will run poorly. Many engines are designed so that major engine damage can result if the belt slips or breaks. 

With the arrival of winter, many Boise ID residents are thinking about things that need attention during the cold winter months. Timing belt replacement is a high-priority maintenance item to keep in mind. Cooler temperatures cause car engine oil to become thick. Starting your engine on a cold morning when it has a worn belt can lead to poor engine performance, belt slippage, and the possibility of expensive engine damage. Most scheduled maintenance belt intervals are between 60,000 and 120,000 miles. Be sure to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual so you don’t miss this important maintenance recommendation.

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If your engine belt is due for replacement and you live or work in Boise, or the surrounding Ada County, be sure to choose the specialists at Dale’s Auto Care. At Dale’s we always install complete belt kits so all related parts are replaced. This insures your car or SUV has no belt problems until its next timing belt service.

Timing Belt Replacement Service by Professional Mechanics

At Dale’s Auto Care we know belt maintenance is imperative to keep your budget intact. If a timing belt fails your engine will die and not restart. If that happens you would have the expense of getting a tow to the repair shop and a belt replacement. But if your car has an engine that gets damaged when the belt slips or breaks, the bill can be thousands of dollars.

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If you’re not sure when your car’s timing belt was replaced or when it’s due for replacement, give us a call at Dale’s to schedule an inspection. We will determine if your Chevrolet, Chrysler or Ford is one that requires an engine belt replacement. Many Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Hyundai and Nissan models also need timing belts replaced. So now you know it’s more convenient and less expensive to find out before there’s a problem with your engines timing belt.

The exceptional service provided at Dale’s Auto Care near the airport in Boise, means we are committed to keeping our customers informed of serious maintenance services for their vehicle(s). Our goal is to help keep your budget intact by scheduling maintenance services to minimize auto repair expenses.  

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At Dale’s, we’ve been in operation at the same location in Boise for over 50 years. You can depend on us because our technicians have the skill and tools to meet your automotive repair and maintenance needs.  Let us be your one stop repair shop.

You can trust us for quality timing belt replacement by our ASE technicians. We’re located near you at 2602 S. Vista Ave in Boise, ID. Call Dale’s Auto Care today or request an appointment online.

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