Vehicles today have been manufactured with the ability to notify their drivers of possible problems. This notification usually happens in the form of a dash message or check engine warning light. If your vehicle’s engine computer detects a problem, the check engine warning will come on.

Even though your car, truck or SUV may seem to be running fine, it is unwise to ignore this message. The check engine warning light is there to tell you something is wrong and needs to be corrected before it turns into a more serious problem. This usually means you need to schedule an auto repair shop appointment for computer diagnostics so a skilled technician can find out what is causing the computer to turn on the warning message.

It could be that the light may come on and turn off intermittently. Since the engine computer is constantly checking systems on the lookout for problems, when it detects a fault, the light will come on. If the fault is gone the next time the computer checks the systems, the light will turn off.

You might wonder if it’s safe to drive your car with the check engine warning light on. Since you may not notice a performance problem even though the warning light is on, it is generally safe to make a repair shop appointment for as soon as possible and drive the car until then.

What should you do if this warning light is flashing? Most experts agree it is best to pull off the road as soon as it is safe and turn off the engine. After waiting a couple minutes, restart the car. If the light doesn’t come on again, continue driving. If the light begins flashing once again, it would be best to park the car and arrange for it to be towed to your repair facility. Catalytic converters or exhaust system components can be damaged if the car continues to be driven while the light is flashing.

Computer diagnostics may uncover one of the following caused your car’s computer to turn on the light:

  • A bad spark plug
  • A loose gas cap
  • A broken cooling or fuel system hose
  • A faulty fuel injector
  • A failed electrical sensor
  • A poor wiring system connection

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