Charging Starting System

We all want to be able to rely on the engine in our car, pickup truck or SUV revving to life when we turn the key to the start position. Every time that happens, it means your vehicle’s charging starting system is doing its job and your busy life can march on.

But what exactly is a charging starting system? Simply put, it’s a series of components connected to function as a unit. It provides the electricity needed to get your car going and to power all the electric or electronic accessories you have grown accustomed to using as you drive from place to place.

The three main components in a charging starting system are:

  • The alternator
  • The battery
  • The starter motor

Failure of any one of these can leave you stranded on the side of the road or at home before you can get out of the driveway.

Though all are essential, the alternator is the lifeline of the battery, which in turn gets the starter motor going when you turn the key on. It’s the alternator that receives mechanical energy from the engine by means of something called a serpentine belt, which it then converts to electrical energy.

This electricity is then made available to operate motors in compressors, windows, heaters and blowers, vacuum or power steering pumps, electric lights and a host of electronics in computers and monitoring systems.

Electricity is sent to the battery, where is stored for later use during recharging. This stored electrical power enables the starter motor to operate. This is what brings the engine to life.

Without the starter motor to wake up the engine, there is no mechanical energy to be converted to electrical energy by the alternator. A weak battery can create a heavier load on the starter motor during start up and may shorten its life.

As you can see, each part of the charging starting system is a necessary part of the whole, dependent on the others to carry out its job. If one part fails, the system is weakened and can fail itself or interfere with operation of other systems like the fuel injection, air conditioning, anti-lock brake or transmission.

If you start to notice things like a longer crank time before starting or something else that doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to, it may be time for a charging and starting system diagnostics by our ASE certified technician. They are able to pinpoint weaknesses in the system so they can be corrected before a failure happens.

Call to schedule or visit our online appointment page to request charging starting system service for your vehicle. We’ve been serving the community for over 49 years at our Boise auto repair location. Let us be your one-stop automotive repair and maintenance facility.


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