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Happy Customer

We are happy to have our website/blog up and running.  This is a tool that serves a dual purpose.  It will let you communicate with us and will help us share information we hope will give you confidence that your automotive repair and maintenance is being handled with precision and economy.

Another important point of connection with Dale’s Auto Care website is to get the word out that we are a Certified Auto Repair Center in Boise.

Listed below are just a few of what we believe are benefits of having a strong web presence:

  • SAVINGS . . . our “Web Special” coupons will be specials that only show on this website, so be sure to visit regularly.
  • SHARING . . . getting to know us and our commitment to satisfy you with economical and timely repairs to your vehicles . . . AND letting us get to know you by giving us your feedback in you own words and in convenient ways.
  • SPREADING THE WORD . . . by posting your comments and telling your friends how you feel about the service you received so others can get in on the superior service we offer.
  • EDUCATION . . . by giving you interesting and helpful information about caring for your car, and why it’s important to get the right repairs and maintenance done for your vehicle.  Another way you can stay informed is by checking out important data on your vehicle at this link www.OwnerAutoSite.com .  There you can sign in to find out what repairs or maintenance items have been done and when they were done; when your next service is due; and the cost of repairs you have had performed.

Our goal is to give you the best pricing and value we can to help keep your vehicles reliable and mechanically sound.  No one wants to be heading out on vacation without confidence that they have done all in their power to make sure their car has had the necessary maintenance to avoid those devastatingly disappointing breakdowns.

We’d love to see your name in lights (so to speak) when you post comments on our blog.  You might even be asked to consider sharing an audio or video testimonial about a recent service experience you had with us.  Then you can send your friends, co-workers and family to the website to see your star quality in front of the camera.  If you’re happy with the service we provide let them know that we are eager to provide the same level of superior service for their care, truck, SUV or even their business fleet of vehicles.

We are here and are eager to meet your automotive needs. If you are wondering about the Certified Auto Repair warranty you can get more information here.