The radiator in your car serves mainly to regulate the temperature of the engine and prevent overheating. If you see the temperature gauge on your dash starting to creep up, it may mean you are in need of radiator replacement.

Preventing an overheating situation can preserve the life of your car, truck or SUV’s engine. Because radiators are also responsible for keeping transmission fluid cool, they can also prevent damage to your transmission. Since radiator replacement costs much less than engine or transmission repairs making sure your radiator is doing its job can save you money.

A properly functioning radiator will keep an engine within its normal operating temperature range. It does this by circulating air-cooled fluid (coolant) around the engine to absorb excess heat, and then returning the heated fluid to a place where it can be cooled again by air. This process relies on unrestricted circulation of that fluid and the air that cools it.

Debris in the form of dirt particles and organic matter can collect on the radiator over time and interfere with the air flow through the small passageways of the radiator’s cooling chambers, not unlike a filter that is clogged. This means the coolant temperature won’t stay low enough to effectively absorb excess engine heat. When this happens, engine temperatures rise and engine overheating happens.

A less common type of debris in the form of internal deposits can clog the coolant flow tubes and restrict movement of coolant within the system. Once again, heat can’t be moved away from the engine efficiently enough to prevent overheating.

This problem is more common in older vehicles with metal radiators that last for years and allow deposits to build up over time. Today’s radiators made of composite plastics have a shorter lifespan. They tend to crack and leak much sooner which means radiator replacement happens before flow tubes have a chance to become clogged with build-up.

If you are noticing the temperature gauge on your car’s dash running higher than usual, it might mean a radiator replacement is necessary. Our ASE certified technicians have the skill and equipment to repair your cooling system problems.

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