Today’s vehicles require several routine fluid services to continue operating at optimum efficiency. It’s important to make sure your car, pick-up truck, or SUV is up to date with these services if you want to get the most life from your car and stay within your car repair budget.

Along with the increase in today’s cost of living, the cost of replacing your vehicle is also on the rise. Though some people expect to be replacing their vehicle every 5-7 years, if you plan to keep your vehicle longer, few things are more important than having scheduled maintenance fluid services performed at regular intervals.

In addition to routine engine oil change services which most of us are careful to schedule, check out this list of additional systems on your vehicle that require fluid services:

  • Steering – preserves function of components by reducing wear on internal parts
  • Braking – restores fluid to optimum condition for braking performance
  • Transmission – replaces contaminated and degraded fluid to continue lubrication of costly internal components and extend their life expectancy

Over time, the quality of fluids used to lubricate or operate many major automotive systems is degraded by heat and contaminants encountered during normal everyday use. Routine inspection or replacement of fluids ensures that these systems continue to operate as designed.

At Dales, our service advisors may recommend certain fluid services sooner than the manufacturer standards state in your owner’s manual. Many vehicles leave the assembly line today with better quality fluids and precision-machined components that are more sensitive to degraded fluid quality. This means more care is necessary to be sure fluid maintenance services are scheduled on time.

We offer complete automotive fluid services along with repair and oil change services to ensure optimum operation and maximized life of your vehicle. With over 49 years providing service at the same location in Boise, we have the technicians and auto repair shop facility to meet your automotive repair and maintenance needs.


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