There are several problems that can happen when auto cooling systems fail. These problems range from very expensive to minor in terms of repair cost and inconvenience.

Auto cooling systems are responsible to regulate the engine temperature in all cars, trucks, and SUVs. When the system fails and overheating happens, the most common result is damage to the engine’s head gaskets. Fixing that problem can mean a costly engine repair or even engine replacement.

Overheating also puts extra pressure on other systems or components in your vehicle that can result in damage or reduced life expectancy of:

  • Heater hoses
  • Radiators
  • Water pumps
  • Transmissions

Though replacing a damaged heater hose is generally not expensive, replacement or repair of a transmission, water pump, or radiator is typically quite costly.

Preventative maintenance for automotive cooling systems can allow problems to be discovered and repaired before the “ouch” factor becomes more painful. At Dale’s, every oil change service we do includes an inspection of your vehicle’s cooling system components so we can catch problems before they cause your engine to overheat.

Don’t wait to be inconvenienced by an unexpected or expensive breakdown. We provide maintenance and repair for most make and model auto cooling systems. Stop by, give us a call, or go online to request an appointment. Let us help you stay on the road.


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