Clutch repair or replacement is something you may have to consider at some point, if you drive a manual transmission car, truck or SUV. And repairing clutches is a specialty that not every auto repair shop tackles. This could be due to the fact that today there are fewer vehicles on the road with manual transmission than previously. One online statistic claims that from 1987 to today, the percentage of vehicles sold with manual transmissions dropped from 29% to 3.9%.

Statistics aside, understanding some basic information about clutch repair is important for owners who drive a manual transmission vehicle. This is even more important because these repairs can be expensive. Depending on the age of your vehicle and how it’s been driven, you may be closer to this expense than you’d like.

The term “clutch” refers to a complex system of components that work together to allow the driver to manually change the transmission’s gears, hense the term “manual” transmission. Problems with one or more component in this system can cause the clutch pedal to be too stiff or too soft as well as symptoms like shudder, chatter, or hard shifting.

Over time and with normal use, internal parts like the clutch pressure plate and clutch disc will wear and require replacement to restore proper clutch function. Whether replacing worn parts or the entire clutch assembly, it is always advisable to replace the pilot and throw-out bearings. Most clutch kits contain all these parts.

The flywheel is one clutch component that influences the overall cost of this job. Machining of the flywheel is the minimum standard required during any clutch repair. When machining is not possible because of extensive damage or in the case of dual-mass flywheels, replacing this component is the only option.

When the clutch pedal is too stiff or too soft, the problem usually relates to hydraulics. Fluid can be leaking from a hydraulic line, but the problem can also be in either the master or slave cylinder. The overall cost of this repair will depend on whether the failed part is a line or a cylinder.

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