Brake repair in Boise can be necessary for a variety of reasons. Safe operation of any vehicle, requires that brakes are in proper working order and able to bring the vehicle to a complete stop within a safe distance.

Sometimes Boise drivers may be aware of a pulsing sensation when braking to slow or stop. This happens when one or both rotors warp. While more annoying than unsafe, it’s still one of the most common reasons for brake repair on today’s cars, trucks and SUVs.

To eliminate brake pulsation involves replacing disc brake pads and either having warped rotors turned or replacing them with new rotors. The process of turning removes thin layers of metal from the rotor surface. This is a good short term fix that eliminates most if not all noticeable pulsation as brake pads can once again apply even pressure in stopping the vehicle.

Because metal is removed when rotors are turned, the rotor loses thickness and is more likely to warp again when exposed to the heat generated by brake pad friction during stops. Boise drivers should consider that turning rotors can mean brake repair may be needed sooner than when new rotors are installed.

There may also be a situation where a driver notices the brake pedal slowly drifting down towards the floorboard after the vehicle has stopped. This is usually the result of internal leakage within the brake master cylinder. Though this may be something that initially happens only occasionally, it will usually increase in frequency as the problem within the cylinder worsens.

In this situation, there would be no visible evidence of brake fluid leakage for a driver to notice on the ground where the vehicle has been parked. There would also be no noticeable drop in the brake fluid level when checked by a technician.

At Dale’s Auto Care in Boise, we provide comparison quotes using quality new parts versus precision rotor turning. You can be confident that any brake repair we do will provide quality workmanship, our national warranty, and the satisfaction of a smooth, safe stop when you need it.

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