Auto Lighting System

Advances in technology are responsible for many of the ways your vehicle’s auto lighting system works. Along with these advances, however, comes an increase in complexity that can make some of the servicing and repair more expensive and difficult than it used to be.

One of the biggest advances is reflected by a change in auto lighting systems that use light emitting diodes, commonly abbreviated LEDs, in place of traditional bulbs. Most new vehicles now use LEDs to illuminate dash displays and electronics. An advantage of this change means less need for replacement bulbs since LEDs last much longer and seldom fail. A drawback, however, is that when an LED does fail, it usually means replacing an entire component instead of a bulb. This repair generally costs more though it happens less often.

Technology has also increased the complexity of the interior auto lighting system on today’s vehicles. There may be as many as 6 or 8 bulbs that light when you enter your car instead of the single dome light of days gone by. Electronics, rather than the door switches, often control these lights. Remote key fobs not only open door locks but also activate interior lights for safe entry.

With more bulbs lighting in more places, there is an increased drain on your auto battery when lights are accidently left on for a length of time, such as overnight. To protect against this, many vehicles dedicate a part of the auto lighting system to shut down after a period of time to protect the battery from excessive drains.

Headlamp or tail light bulbs are often hard to access when replacement is needed. The complicated assembly of newer body styles means the grill, bumper, or a fender panel may have to be removed to reach a bulb. Many of the bulbs are a specific type of high intensity (HD) variety that can’t be substituted with a less expensive aftermarket version. Some HD systems have fuses or electronic modules very close to the lamps so a technician must determine if the fuse, the module, or the bulb is the cause of a failure.

The increasing complexity of today’s auto lighting systems requires technicians to be trained to pinpoint problems. At Dale’s, our repair professionals have the skill and the tools to quickly diagnose and repair lighting failures in your vehicle.

With over 49 years of operation at the same location in Boise, let us be your one-stop auto repair shop facility. Call or visit us online to request an appointment if your vehicle has a lighting problem inside or out.


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