Driveability Diagnostics

Driveability diagnostics is the term most often used by the automotive industry to refer to the engine control system. It describes the procedure used to pinpoint problems with a vehicle that is not starting or running like it should; yet no “check engine light” has displayed and no “fault code” has set in the computer.

When your car, truck or SUV is “not running right”, you might be tempted to assume it needs a “tune-up”, especially if this routine maintenance service is overdue. Timely tune-ups are important to schedule, but if your vehicle is “not running right” and is not yet due for tune-up service, driveability diagnostics are probably needed.

Here are some descriptions of the most common symptoms related to your vehicle’s driveability:

  • A roughness in how it runs
  • A difficulty with starting
  • An intermittent or frequent “no start”
  • An engine that will hesitate or surge at various speeds

While this list isn’t complete, if any of these sound like something you’re experiencing, you will need the services of a professional automotive technician with skill in driveability diagnostics.

Even a skilled technician can be helped to arrive at a diagnosis more quickly when a customer is able to communicate clearly details about the troublesome symptoms, such as the timing, frequency, and accurate description of sounds and sensations. It may also be helpful if you can go with the technician on a road test to see if the symptoms you are describing can be replicated.

During diagnosis and analysis a technician can use a scanner to connect to the vehicles computer and “see” sensor systems that are either close to failure or failing. An advanced diagnosing function we use at Dale’s Auto Care is called “Mode 6 diagnostics”. Some shops or technicians may not understand or use it.

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