Belts and Hoses

Though belts and hoses are one of the least expensive parts on your car, truck or SUV, they are essential to keep some of the most expensive parts functioning properly. Engines and transmissions are cooled by fluid delivered in hoses. Various belts power alternators, timing gears, and water pumps. When these components fail, it gets expensive fast.

The belts and hoses on your vehicle are routinely exposed to extreme temperatures under the hood, especially in hot summer weather. Over time, even the most durable hose and belt materials weaken, become brittle, and crack or rupture.

When a belt and hose fails, the component it supports can be stressed into a shortened lifespan or can fail itself, costing you much more than the expense of the belt or hose. Preventative maintenance can detect wear and stress cracks before a failure happens and save you money.

If you can’t remember the last time your vehicles belts and hoses were inspected stop by, call, or visit our website to request an appointment online. Do yourself a favor and let our ASE certified technicians help prevent an inconvenient and unnecessary breakdown.


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