The drivetrain differential in your vehicle is a set of gears that allows one wheel to move at a different speed than another wheel during a turn. Though all the wheels generally move at the same speed when traveling in a straight line, the speed of each wheel will vary when it comes to traveling through curves.

While it may not be important for you to know what a drivetrain differential does or how it works, it is important for you to know what you can do to keep it functioning at peak performance. For automobiles, two of the biggest enemies to a long life are 1- the friction of metal on metal, and 2 – the heat created by friction. They are the reason that clean uncontaminated oil is one of your vehicle’s best friends. Since your car can’t drive itself to the repair shop, it’s up to you to make sure the oil is changed on schedule.

The specific oil that lubricates the drivetrain differential is kept in place by seals or gaskets. When a Dale’s technician sees evidence of an oil leak during routine maintenance service inspection, it can mean that a seal or gasket has failed. If the oil level drops too low to provide adequate lubrication for gears and bearings, they can then be damaged and fail.

Many manufacturers recommend that the oil in the differential be changed every 15k to 30k miles. This scheduled maintenance service will:

  • Remove oil contaminated with small fragments of metal and degraded from heat
  • Restore ideal lubricating quality of the oil
  • Preserve the intended life of differential components

Assuring that your vehicle has maintenance services on time can guard against unnecessary wear and tear on components that are expensive to repair or replace. At Dale’s, we send out email maintenance reminders to our valued customers to help them keep their vehicle current on maintenance services.

With over 49 years of operation at the same location in Boise, we have the technicians and auto repair shop facility to meet your automotive repair and maintenance needs. Let us be your one stop repair shop and make sure your drivetrain differential is in great shape to get you wherever you need to be.


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