The need for driveshaft repair is usually the result of normal wear from driving over a long period of time. Even though rotating is what it is made to do, it’s still normal for wear to happen and repair to be necessary.

The job of the driveshaft is to carry the engine’s mechanical energy to the tires so they will turn. As it drives the wheels, it rotates close to the speed of the engine, and that’s a lot of rotating.

For an automatic transmission car or truck in 3rd gear, the engine speed averages around 2000 RPMs, or “revolutions per minute”. That means a driveshaft turning at engine speed for an hour will turn 120,000 times in one hour! Hopefully it’s not hard to see that a driveshaft repair at 50k or 100k miles would not be unreasonable, based on the load it carries under normal use.

Some vehicles have a driveshaft with no maintenance requirements. Built with grease packed inside them, there is no way to periodically lubricate and maintain them. Other vehicles have grease fittings that allow the joint in the driveshaft to be lubricated when an LOF, or “lube, oil, and filter” service is performed.

If you think you are due for a driveshaft repair, you may be experiencing something from this list:

  • Vibration, you feel with your feet that intensifies as vehicle speed increases
  • A clunk when your automatic transmission shifts to drive or reverse
  • An audible, low squeaking that changes with speed during acceleration or deceleration
  • A chirp sound under your vehicle when backing up

Your driveshaft is designed to provide service for millions upon millions of revolutions for years of everyday driving. At Dale’s, we properly lubricate all necessary components during your scheduled LOF maintenance service. Our technicians have the skill and equipment to provide our customers with the correct driveshaft repair for their vehicle.

With over 49 years of operation at the same location in Boise we have the technicians and auto repair shop facility to meet your automotive repair and maintenance needs. Let us be your one stop repair shop.


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