The CV joint drive axle on your front wheel drive vehicle is part of the system that takes power from the engine and transfers it to the wheels. This transferred power drives your wheels so your vehicle will move down the road.

Though there are 2 components that make up the CV joint drive axle, it functions as a unit. The axle, like that on any car, truck or SUV, connects to the wheel hubs to turn them when the vehicle is in gear. The CV joint is the component that allows the wheels to change direction over bumps and during turns.

An important piece of a CV joint drive axle is the rubber boot that covers the joint. It is what keeps grease in the joint for lubrication to allow for smooth movement up, down, and side to side. With time, the rubber ages and loses elasticity, making it prone to cracking. Once the boot cracks, grease no longer stays in place to lubricate the joint as it moves. In addition, water and dirt now have a way into the joint. Both contamination and reduced lubrication work together to damage the joint.

Even though the CV joint portion of the drive axle may be worn or damaged, it will seldom fail altogether or suddenly break. The most common warning sign of wear or damage will be clicking noise while accelerating on a turn. This eventually progresses to shaking or vibration, and as the damage gets worse over time, so do the symptoms. When this happens, replacement is the only fix.

While the damaged parts of a CV joint drive axle can be repaired, the best option is usually replacing the unit as a whole. Below are 4 reasons:

  • Less repair time needed – complete joint-axle shafts are readily available from parts houses
  • Less labor cost – paying a technician’s time to overhaul (repair or replace parts) generally costs more than installing a new unit
  • Quality control – units built on a production line are usually less prone to mistakes during assembly
  • If one of the joint boots is bad, the other is likely to fail soon

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