Auto Electrical Diagnosis and Repair

Auto Electrical Diagnosis and Repair We Offer at Dale’s Auto Care in Boise:


Automotive electrical repairs require an accurate diagnosis first. Dale’s ASE Master Certified technician has the tools, computers, and diagnostic tools to pinpoint your cars electrical problem. Door locks, lights, accessories, windows, and wipers can be repaired on import and domestic cars and light trucks.

Electric windows require removal of the door panel to access window motors, cables and regulators. Diagnosis of these complex systems requires a wiring diagram, knowledge of the system, diagnostic equipment like meters and scanners. Almost every electrical system on a car or truck has extensive electronics which makes diagnosis something that can only be handled by electronic technicians.

Auto Wiring Systems
Auto Accessories
Auto Electrical Systems
Alternator Testing
Auto Lighting System Diagnosis
Battery Testing
Charging and Starting System Testing
Electric Door Locks
Electrical Windows
Electric Seat Systems
Headlight Replacement
Heating System Diagnosis
Tail Light Replacement
Stop Light Replacement
Windshield Wiper Systems

Dale’s Auto Care provides auto electrical diagnosis and repair with our ASE certified technicians and mechanics in Boise Idaho. If we can provide you with more information please call us (208) 345-5620 or Email questions to us with our Contact Us form.

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