Few if any of us think that steering repair is something we need to reserve car repair dollars for. In fact, most people assume steering is one of those low maintenance or maintenance free systems on their car, truck, or SUV.

While this system generally operates efficiently for years before maintenance or steering repair is needed, it’s important to keep in mind that worn shocks, struts and other suspension components can shorten the life of steering components.

Worn steering components will also affect steering control. This means steering repair may become necessary to allow for continued safe steering of your vehicle.

Another consequence of worn steering parts can be a change, however small, in the alignment of your vehicle’s tires. Over hundreds of miles of drive time, this results in uneven tread wear and can mean your tires will have to be replaced earlier than they otherwise would have. With tire prices at an all-time high, that is an expense you will want to avoid until absolutely necessary.

Reduced gas mileage can also be a consequence of uneven tire wear from worn steering components. This is due to an increased rolling friction created as unevenly worn tires travel on road surfaces.

If your suspension system is well maintained, it is less likely to cause a need for steering repair. Still, there are a few maintenance items that will need your attention to keep your steering system in optimum working order. External lubrication of components in the steering system will minimize the wear that happens over time under normal driving conditions. This is usually done during a routine oil change service, or LOF for “lube, oil, and filter”.

Check your owner’s manual or call Dale‘s to ask our service advisor to check the manufacturers recommended interval for power steering flush maintenance. This procedure will remove debris and install fresh oil for internal lubrication of power steering system components.

Miscellaneous minor repairs such as hose or belt replacement may be needed if:

  • You hear a loud screeching – indicates a loose steering pump belt
  • You experience abrupt loss of power steering assist – a pressure hose separates or ruptures
  • You notice gradual loss of power assist – low steering fluid level from a leak

If you suspect your vehicle may be in need of steering repair, call Dale’s. With over 49 years of operation at the same location in Boise we have the technicians and auto repair shop facility to meet your automotive repair and maintenance needs. Let us be your one stop repair shop.


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