How to Avoid Fuel Pump Replacements for Less than $50.00

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How to Avoid Fuel Pump Failure

Have you ever wondered why your vehicles seem to need fuel pumps more frequently than your friends or co-workers?

Are you tired of spending $500 to $700 for fuel pump replacements?

Two ways to reduce or eliminate fuel pump failures:

  1. Never let your fuel level get below 1/8th to 1/4th of a tank.
  2. Change your fuel filter at 30,000 mile intervals (most vehicles)

Both of these methods, which can be done for less than $50, will help you save on auto repair bills due to fuel pump failure.

If you do have a fuel pump failure be sure to have Dale’s auto repair in Boise install a Napa OEM Replacement fuel pump.

These quality pumps will keep your vehicle up to its manufacture standards but will also give you the protection of the Napa Peace of Mind Warranty.

The second method of saving fuel pumps from destruction is by keeping them from working too hard. Hard work causes heat to increase and as stated in both the above videos heat is what damages pumps.

Having the fuel filter replaced is critical to pump life. When the filter is restricted or plugged it is harder for the pump to push fuel. This increased load on the pump generates more heat which will shorten the pumps life.

So when we talk about how to avoid fuel pump failure we hope you will take this tip to heart. It works!

If you are not sure how long it has been since you had your fuel filter replaced it may be wise to call Dale’s Auto Care in Boise to schedule a filter replacement. Many vehicles can have this done for around $50.

Call today for an appointment – 345-5620.

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