How to Pinpoint a Power Steering Oil Leak

Power Steering Oil Leak

A 2006 Nissan Murano with a groaning noise while turning was brought to Dale’s Auto Care in Boise for diagnosis and repair. Dale’s verified the power steering noise and found the fluid (oil) was low.

Upon inspection under the car they found a lot of oil on a large portion of the frame and under the engine.  It was hard to tell where the oil was coming from. After adding the correct power steering fluid to the Nissan they added a small container of flourescent dye so they could pinpoint exactly where the  leak was.

After running the engine and using the power steering to get it to leak, they shined a black light under the engine area.  The light causes the dye that is leaking out of the power steering system to glow bright yellow.  They could see the exact location of the leaking hose. Here it is on video so you can see exactly what they saw.

This type of diagnostic procedure will save you money if your vehicle has leaks of any kind.  Dye is available for air conditioning and cooling systems, engine, transmission, differential and power steering systems.

When a shop follows this type of procedure there is no guessing about what is leaking.  Only leaking components should be replaced or repaired. If it is a small leak the shop may add dye and have you drive the vehicle for a week or two and then have you come back so they can use the black light to locate the leak.

At Dale’s Auto Care we follow this type of diagnostic procedure so we can accurately diagnose and fix your car, truck or SUV right the first time. Call us today at (208) 345-5620 to make an appointment.

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