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Summertime in Boise is no fun if you’re in need of car air conditioning repair work. Auto shop air conditioning technicians are busiest during the summer months, so don’t wait until the heat arrives if you’ve had any indication that your A/C system is not performing well.

Be aware that moderate temperatures don’t put demands on your car A/C system like the heat of summer. If you are planning a vacation and haven’t had an air conditioning service in years, your shop may advise that you have your system checked. Having this done now may help avoid the inconvenience and expense of needing a major A/C system repair while out of town.

Air conditioning services can help avoid an unexpected breakdown

Auto Air Conditioning ChargeServicing your car’s air conditioning system will ensure that the system’s components function as needed and generally include the following:

  • Inspecting air conditioning compressor belt for wear
  • Verifying movement of all system doors in the dash
  • Testing all electronic and mechanical controls
  • Checking the operation of all fans
  • Testing vent air temperature
  • Measuring Freon volume in the system
  • Visual inspection of all components

The goal is to catch small problems before they become big enough to affect major components in the air conditioning system. For vehicles built in the 1990’s, the quality of components and seals will be inferior to that found on today’s vehicles. As a result, it is generally recommended that older vehicles have the A/C serviced more frequently than newer ones.

What causes the need for car air conditioning repair?

Car air conditioning repairs become necessary when leaks in the system allow Freon to escape. The most common place for a leak is from hose seals. As Freon levels drop below normal, the air conditioning compressor has to work harder. This extra load makes it more difficult to keep the compressor’s working parts properly lubricated and can shorten its overall lifespan.

As the temperatures soar, the vehicle’s compressor and cooling fan are in use for longer periods of time. This is when smaller problems can turn into bigger ones and the need for an expensive repair can result.

Air conditioning technicians are skilled at pinpointing leaks and other minor problems that need fixing before other A/C system components are damaged. One common major repair is when the compressor needs to be replaced. When this component fails it can break-up internally, moving small pieces of metal throughout the system.

Compressor failure is a classic example of not catching a small problem before it morphs into a major one. Replacement of compressors also requires replacement of the accumulator/drier, the orifice tube, and sometimes the condenser and expansion valves. The system will also need to be flushed to remove all metal. This kind of repair is definitely a big-ticket item.

Hopefully you’re beginning to see the value of A/C system maintenance and how it can save you money on repairs in the same way general automotive maintenance on brakes, transmissions, and engines can save on expensive repairs. If you can’t remember when you had your air conditioning system serviced last, give us a call or request an appointment. Let us help you create a maintenance plan that works for you and keeps your car air conditioning repair expense at a minimum.

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