Gas Prices Up – Auto Maintenance can Save Fuel

Gas Prices Up!

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Gas Prices Up

Gasoline prices have hit another high point as we move to the end of 2010, according to Automotive Fleet .

Retail gas prices are up to around $3.00 nationally as we approach the Christmas travel season.  Automotive Fleet was referencing an article in the New York Times that pertains to crude oil prices.

The price increases always seem too happen around major holidays.  One of our previous articles Rolling Along with Fuel Prices  last May addressed a similar increase at Memorial Day.  In that article you will find two links to articles on our website about saving money on fuel by insuring your car is maintained to maximize fuel economy.  There is also a good video about fuel saving tips in one of the articles.

Checking our local Boise prices at in fact shows our current price at the time of this writing is around $2.80 per gallon.  Our price has been in this range since late in July 2010.

We know there is little we can do about the price of gas but performing maintenance on our cars or trucks can help.  Doing the maintenance may also decrease the cost of future auto repairs.

Sit back at home one evening this week and check out these articles.  You will find helpful information that could save you money on gas and auto repair.  Something we all could use this Christmas season!

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