Emissions Inspection ScreenYour Ada or Canyon county emissions inspection is due by the end of the month and your check engine light is on. You are not sure what to do or who to contact to get it checked.

Here is a nice option in Boise on Vista Avenue – call Sam at Dale’s Auto Care, 208-345-5620.

Free Emissions Inspection

Dale’s will save you $10.00 to $20.00 on the emissions inspection depending on which county you live in. They will not charge for the inspection when you have them perform the diagnosis for what is causing the check engine light to come on.

Once the fault is corrected your vehicle will be tested at no charge.

It doesn’t matter what make your car, pick-up truck, van or SUV is. Dale’s Auto Care can work on import and domestic vehicles of any make or model.

Hurry in today! Don’t miss this opportunity. Call Dale’s at 208-345-5620.

P.S. New customers get a 10% discount and get an additional 5% off with cash.