How to Avoid Fuel Pump Replacements for Less than $50.00

How to Avoid Fuel Pump Failure Have you ever wondered why your vehicles seem to need fuel pumps more frequently than your friends or co-workers? Are you tired of spending $500 to $700 for fuel pump replacements? Two ways to reduce or eliminate fuel pump failures: Never let your fuel level get below 1/8th to […]

How to Protect Your Car in Winter Driving

Protect Your Car in Winter Winter driving can be very hard on our cars, pickup trucks and SUV’s.  These 3 tips can help you protect your automobiles from some of the hazards of winter driving and more importantly can save you money and inconvenience. Driving to work this morning in Boise presented a big strain […]

More Tips to Avoid Automatic Transmission Breakdown

Tips to Avoid Automatic Transmission Breakdown In the previous post about towing and extending the life of your automatic transmission, we covered some very important items.  Here are 4 more tips to be aware of when preparing for the trip to the mountains or the desert. I know you probably get tired of hearing about how […]

5 Tips to Avoid Automatic Transmission Breakdown

Automatic Transmission Care Summer is almost here and your’re probably already planning a trip our of town with the camper, trailer, boat, or motor home. Nobody wants to be thinking about how hard towing can be on our automatic transmissions. No one plans to be the guy broken down on the side of the road […]